Jason Dilworth's art and practice reflect a love of geology, history, and ecology. He has collaborated with artists and designers in Sweden, Iceland, Nepal, and Germany. Jason is a co-founder of the collective Designers & Forests. He live and works in western New York where he currently teaches graphic design and typography at the State Univesirty of New York at Fredonia, which is near Dunkirk.


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Cræft| An Inquiry into the origins and true meaning of traditional crafts | Alexander Langlands

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Humankind | Solidarity with Nonhuman People | by Timothy Morton



Rockefeller Arts Center | SUNY at Fredonia | Fredonia, NY 14063


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Designers and Forests is a small group of interested individuals engaging in a conversation about their, and society’s, involvement with forest environments. Forests offer a wealth of possibilities. They are rich in raw material, yet also play a complex role in society—places that can be both very wild and highly cultivated and that elicit strong emotional responses.

Through our interaction with the forest environment, we find opportunities for connections between individuals, scientists and designers to engage in interdisciplinary research and creative collaboration within our communities and throughout the world. While our methods are simple, our aim is lofty—to create healthier forests, healthier communities, while creating better designers and citizens. We maintain focus by keeping our efforts small and sustainable. We believe in taking creative risks, confronting conflicts, and making informed decisions that will benefit the small communities where we live and work.

Small Stories

anvil burro carabiner barow rockhammer person looking up

In 2013 I was seeking a solution that would help two factions find common ground to respond to the effects of climate change. Realizing that one of the major hang-ups preventing the groups of collaborating was the polarized use of language. Words seems to quickly become charged, individuals would rally around or retreat from them simply upon utterance. However, when language was stripped away individuals often easily came to mutual understanding realizing that they had a shared interest. Using this idea I set out to create a set of images that could be used in a visual toolkit. The images are inspired by the work of Gerd Arntz who in his life time created over 4,000+ images for Otto Neurath’s International System Of Typographic Picture Education.

Symbols from this project are meant to be repurposed and shared. Image collections are avaialbe for download by contacting me.

Collections to date:

  1. Utah (2013)
  2. Small Stories 2015 (52 symbols for events from the year)
  3. Green River (2017)
  4. Graphic Design Tools


roof slide

Beginning August 20, 2017 in conjunction with the artists residencies at Þórsmörk, the collaboration Designers and Forests (M. Urban and I) installed 20 plexiglass tiles around Neskaupstaður. These tiles were created for the residents, young and old. They contain pictograms created by the artists and inspired by the stories they were told and experienced during their stay. The artists found themselves looking closely at the history of the town as well as the rich natural flora and fauna of the fjord. The tiles serve as reminders to look closer. The goal was to reward the viewer with a pleasant surprise. Like finding a blueberry patch on a warm sunny day. Or the tiles can become a scavenger hunt throughout the town.

Extinct Bird Project

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